Tuesday, July 4, 2017

A guide for liberal Democrats to return to power

I'll call these Bernie's Rules for liberal Democrats to return to power and keep power.

In 1988 Governor Micheal Dukakis got slimed by George H.W. Bush with a flood of negative ads. Thankfully, in the next election the Democrats and Bill Clinton had a rapid response team. Liberal Democrats cannot let conservative Republicans lie. We must launch counterstrikes immediately.

That being said, fighting back is not the way Trump defines it. They play dirty. You got Melania Trump talk about the Dear Leader punching back ten times harder. No. That's not self defense, that's excessive. We don't need hatred and cruelty. We have two stronger and more righteous allies. They are truth and justice. .

2. MAKE THE TERM "CONSERVATIVE" A BAD WORD . Conservatives started to demonize liberals with the presidency of Republican god Ronald Reagan and reached its apex with Newt Gingrich. They made "liberal" a bad word. The liberals didn't fight back and retreated to the term "progressive." Liberal is not a bad word. We, liberals have stood for justice and equality.

Now it's time to make the term "conservative" a bad word. By doing so, people will stay away from "conservatives" at the polling booth. If you noticed, this blog has recently placed the terms "conservative" or "Republican " next to any bad conservative idea. And while I keep an open mind to any idea conservative or progressive because that's what liberals do. There are many bad conservative policies. They favor the big rich. They want to crush the working man to benefit the big rich. They don't believe in climate change or science. They want to suppress the vote of minorities. They are the party of Donald Trump.

3. VOTE. For some reason, many of you liberals don't vote in non-presidential elections. This has led to the Republicans taking control of statehouses and gerrymandering their way to power. You've got to vote every year. One of the reasons why conservatives want to suppress the vote of the working man is because we have the votes to defeat them.

4. DON'T SUPPORT FRINGE CANDIDATES. In 2000, Ralph Nader took enough liberal votes from Al Gore to hand George W. Bush the election. And we know how that turned out. Look, I like the Green Party but they can't win. In the last election, Green Party Jill Stein hurt Hillary Clinton in some of the swing sates. The Hill.

And if you're a member of The Green Party, might I suggest you join the Democratic Party. You have a better chance to change the world from within the Democratic Party than constantly losing.

5. RUN FOR OFFICE. Run for office. Any office. If you're pretty clean as in terms of no criminal record or embarrassments, run for office. We need candidates.

6. EDUCATE BUBBA OR THE ANGRY WHITE WORKING MAN. it's clear that white working men misunderstand the liberal cause. it may sound weak to them. But it's not. they don't understand that our cause is their cause.

We, liberals stand for the working man. We support livable wages. We stand for healthcare for all. We fight against the big rich and corporate interests who want to build their wealth on the backs of the working people. Freedom to us means guarding the rights of individuals. (I've written about this in my article "Educating Bubba.")

7. STICK REPUBLICANS WITH TRUMP. President Trump is the most corrupt, hateful demagogue to ever be President of the United States. He lies virtually every day. (New York Times) He sought the presidency not to help the people but to satisfy his ego and his desire for power. There is nothing in his history to indicate he understands the working people. He inherited his great wealth. Add to that, his indifference to protecting America from Russian cyber attacks.

Yet, conservative Republicans are protecting him. And for good reason. His policies are hard right- wing. There are those conservatives who argue that Trump is not a conservative. That's nonsense as he has done noting that is moderate or liberal. That's why when truth, justice and love defeat Trump, we must stick every conservative Republican to him. So when he is defeated, conservatives policies are defeated.

It's like this bit from David Letterman where he jumps into a Velcro wall wearing a Velcro suit. In our metaphor, the wall represents Trump. Letterman represents conservative Republicans.

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