Monday, May 29, 2017

The Russian Spy in the White House? Part Two

Intelligence expert Malcolm Nance is sounding the alarm about White House adviser and son-in-law to President Trump Jared Kushner's desire to set up a covert communication with the Kremlin. In appearances with MSNBC's Joy Reid, he points out that this was no mere back channel notes to a foreign government. It was an attempt to set up a covert communication with an adversary that would use Russian cryptographic measures to defeat American intelligence. In the two videos below, starting both at the three minute mark, Nance questions what information is Kusner trying to relay to the Russians and why must it be kept secret. "The Daily Presidential Briefing? The Nuclear Codes?" Yikes. In the second video, Reid muses the theory about Kushner obtaining financing from the Russians. And what do you think the Russians might get? Perhaps the termination of sanctions for Ukraine and hacking the Democrats.

Folks, America is in trouble. It requires Republicans to think America before Trump. How many lives will be lost with Trump in office? Trump has already leaked intelligence to the Russians in the Oval Office! Leaked the location of American submarines to the Philippine president. Impeach him before it's too late. Get this Manchurian Candidate and his son-in-law spy out of the White House.

MAY 27, 2017. A.M. Joy with Joy Reid.

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