Thursday, April 13, 2017

SNL: Fail on Internet Activisim

In an effort to be fair and balanced, Saturday Night Live ridiculed liberals for using the internet to express opinions and try to change the world. It's a music video called "Thank You, Scott." In the video below, a citizen named Scott shares an article on Facebook to express outrage over an injustice with his eighty four friends.

The problem with SNL's point is that it fails to understand the concept of free speech on the internet. You see Scott shares his article with eight four friends. They may share it with their friends. Maybe those who see it, become hundreds. Then those hundreds become thousands. Maybe those thousands rise up and don't vote for say, conservative Republicans. Then the world changes. SNL, that's the power of free speech.

If SNL wants to satirize liberals, I suggest they actually find some wrongdoing by them. Examples include Anthony Weiner and John Edwards' scandals. Going after liberals for the sake of going after liberals makes some inaccurate and unfunny comedy.

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