Saturday, September 14, 2013

Jon Stewart rips Fox News over Syria

I'm at a bar, and one of the regulars attacks me with his conservative view that President Obama is being humiliated by Russia over Syria. As you know the Russians have suggested Syria give up it chemical weapons to avoid American bombing. I say to him, "Why do you care where a good idea comes from? Do you want to bomb Syria and kill people?" I then say you can't say Obama did one good thing. And he said yes. Look folks, I want to have a drink. Anyway, it occurred to me where he get his news. Fox News.

Here's Jon Stewart of the Daily Show. He destroys Fox News for their lack of neutrality because of President Obama. Who cares where a good idea comes from? By the way, Secretary of State John Kerry suggested this on September 9. Update: The U.S. and Russia have reached an agreement on how Syria can give up its chemical weapons.

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