Monday, April 8, 2013

Reds take two series by beating the Angels and Nationals

When it comes to baseball, the adage of winning in April that it's early is true. That being said, April baseball games still count. But the month of April is not going to wreck a season unless you lose a lot of games.

Well, the Cincinnati Reds have started the season by winning the first two series by beating the Los Angeles Angels and the Washington Nationals. Folks, you win divisions by winning baseball series, that is, taking two out of three games. And the Reds didn't just beat two bad teams. The Los Angeles Angels are big spenders. They have just recently spent a ton of money on outfielder and former Red, superstar Josh Hamilton. And don't forget about first basement Albert Pujols and left fielder stud Mike Trout. Yet the Reds pitchers struck out 36 of the Angels batters in shutting down that vaunted offense. And today the Reds defeated the Washington Nationals 6-3. That sealed the series. The Nationals won 98 games last year, the best in baseball Both teams are predicted to win their divisions. Some say they might win the World Series. But the Reds handled both teams without much of a problem. This means two things. The Reds are defeating great teams. If they beat bad teams, the Reds will win a lot of games. Second, the Reds are proving they can beat any team in baseball.

Yes, it's only April. But one can dream of a Reds October.

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