Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Despicable Republicans try to rig future elections

Republicans have seen the writing on the wall. In past elections, they could depend on the vote of angry white men to lead them to victory. But the demographics of the country are changing. We're becoming less white and a more mixed race country. And by the way, the comment about dwindling angry white males is not some rantings of this liberal. They come from conservative Senator Lindsey Graham. (R-S.C.)

Recently, conservative Republicans have been looking at how to divide the electoral votes awarded in presidential elections. Instead of winner take all, Republicans in various states have proposed plans like dividing electoral votes by congressional districts. The result of this kind of plan would dilute the votes cast in more populous urban area and give disproportionate influence to rural areas. Hmmm. I wonder what party rural people vote for?

But why are Republicans looking to change the way electoral votes are counted? I mean did we hear about this stuff in the sixties from Republicans? Here's why. They can no longer win by majority votes. Appalling. Republicans are seeking to dilute the votes of minorities and restore power to the angry white males. If these plans succeed, there will be more results of a candidate losing the popular vote, yet winning the presidential election. For example if Virginia had adopted such a plan, Obama would have lost that state even though he got the popular vote.

Now Pennsylvania Republicans are pushing a plan to divide electoral votes proportionately. Again, these plans do one thing. They dilute the votes of the majority. And folks, we're not talking about protecting the civil rights of minorities. We're talking about giving more power to the one voter bloc that Republicans have a strong hold of. Angry white men.

Chris Matthews did a piece on it last night. And back in September, actress and comedian, Sarah Silverman did a piece on the voter id laws which are designed to suppress voter turnout by people of color, and young people. I've posted both below. The Silverman piece is not safe for work since it features cussing. Still, I enjoy some comedy with some of the conservative shenanigans.

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