Monday, December 17, 2012

Second Star Trek Into Darkness trailer indicates Khan is villain

The second trailer of Star Trek Into Darkness or what's being called a teaser has just come out. Check it out below. And check out's excellent breakdown. Let me just say with the sneak peak and Admiral Pike's (Bruce Greenwood) voice over that the shallowness of Star Trek 2009 is being addressed. Pike seems to be addressing the punk nature of Kirk in the first film. Now we might see a more reflective Kirk. See the original series episode "Arena." And the sneak peak with the IMAX version of The Hobbit: An Expected Journey brought up the Prime Directive. This is beginning to look like Star Trek.

But as you can tell from the title of this post, this trailer presents more evidence of Khan. Take a look at fifty five seconds into the trailer. See the tube like coffins. And there's a window on the tubes. There also seems to be ice on the glass of the windows. And there's people in the tubes. Doubtful that these are coffins. Coffins in the twentieth century don't have windows. Chances are these are cryogenic tubes housing Khan's superhuman allies. See the original series episode Space Seed where the genetically enhanced superhumans were frozen aboard the Botany Bay. And check out the narration where Khan er, John Harrison (Benedicat Cumberbatch) talks about doing things for the family. Nope, we ain't talking about the Mafia. He's talking about his superhuman comrades.

My fellow Trekkers, the villain of Star Trek Into Darkness is Khan. (In case you missed it, in this article, I speculate why John Harrison is Khan.)

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Scott said...

In the same shot of the coff- er, cryo tubes, you can see two individuals leaving the room.

The one on the right is in a white lab coat; but if you look really carefully, you can see the one on the left is wearing what looks to be a military uniform complete with hat.

This uniform looks more closer to those from our time era than that of Kirk's, which would fit in with the Khan theory as Khan escaped Earth following his overthrow during the Eugenics Wars. This could be a flashback of Khan's followers sending him and his fellow genetic superhumans into space aboard the Botany Bay.