Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My night at the Reds game

Last night I went to the Cincinnati Reds game with the St. Louis Cardinals. It was cold. That wind coming from the Ohio River made it feel like it was in the twenties.

To make matters worse, the Reds lost to the hated Cardinals, 3-1. Here's what I've learned. Cardinals starter Kyle Lohse has a good change-up. So does the Reds' Mike Leake. Why couldn't Lohse be this good when he was with the Reds? Cardinals closer Jason Motte has one pitch. It's a fastball. So remember that Reds. Whereas Reds closer Sean Marshall has three pitches. A good fastball. A good slurve. And a great change-up.

The great thing about baseball is that after a loss there's a game the next day. Today, the Reds avoided a sweep and won 4-3 against the Cardinals. It's a long season folks. There's a lot of baseball to be played before the Reds win the World Series.

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