Monday, January 31, 2011

Cinicnnati Bengals Fire Bob Bratkowski

Today, the Cincinnati Bengals fired "The Genius", offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski. Look, I called for this in a previous post on how to fix the mess that is the Cincinnati Bengals. But two issues remain, Mike Brown as GM and the lack of scouts. And yes, you can forget about owner Mike Brown firing himself. But he could hire more scouts. Without more changes, it's hard to see how effective this is going to be.

To show you inept the Bengals are, they waited until Bratkowski went down to Mobile, Alabama to coach with the staff at the Senior Bowl. Wouldn't it be smarter, say to fire Bratkowski immediately after the season and then hire a replacement to go to the Senior Bowl, to check out the prospects? It's just more of the Bengals circus. So, here's Julius Fucik's "Entrance of the Gladiators" or the most famous circus march as soundtrack to a kitten chasing its tail. Yes, it's just like what the Bengals are doing. Chasing their own tail.

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