Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What the Democrats Must Do

What drives me nuts about the Democratic Party is that they allow the Republicans to define them. This has been happening since Ronald Reagan made "liberal" a bad word. Republicans have attacked the Democrats for the last two years. They called the stimulus a failure. And the Democrats did virtually nothing. The Democrats should have said if there was no stimulus there would have been Great Depression, Part Two. Where's my proof? Here is one of many articles that says the recession is over. The Democrats need to fight back.

Since it looks like Rep. John Boehner is going to be Speaker of the House, the Democrats must do to him what he did to soon to be Speaker Nancy Pelosi. I'm sorry. They started this and the Democrats must finish it. In 1995, Boehner is a guy who was distributing contributions from lobbyists on the House floor! Democrats and progressives must keep track of these right-wing people for conservative stupidity. When they screw up and they will, the left must strike. That means liberals must not be feeble. The Republicans aren't feeble neither should the Democrats.

Democrats must stop running away from their liberal roots or friends. Is this counterintuitive? No. The Republicans turned hard right as in embracing the Tea Party. It did help them. Yet there was one race that shows the country has not turned as right as the Republicans are saying. Senator Harry Reid was in serious trouble in Nevada. His opponent was Tea Party darling and nut, Sharron Angle. He won. The Democrats have powerful friends in groups like Move On and the unions. Use them. President Obama raised a ton of money from his liberal friends. The Democratic Party does better when they are united with its progressive friends.

I'm all for compromise. But if the conservatives in the Republican Party move to hard right positions, then the Democrats must fight.

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