Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Basic Rules of Romantic Comedy

With the recent release of "She's Out of My League", it's time to discuss the basic rules of romantic comdey. Now, I do not endorse these rules, I wish writers and directors would break them since almost all romantic comedies follow them. One classic romantic comedy "When Harry Met Sally" comes close. Perhaps it's my love of jazz and standards that shades my view on "When Harry Met Sally" but it's still considered a great movie. Here are the rules.

1. Boy meets girl.
2. Boy and girl fall in love.
3. Boy and girl have happy times, usually depicted by a montage with upbeat music.
4. Boy and girl have a fight which breaks them apart.
5. Boy regrets losing girl. Depicted in a montage with sad song, usually a stupid soft rock ballad with lyrics that describe the emotions that boy is feeling. Like we really need to know this.
6. Boy realizes mistake and chases after girl.
7. Boy and girl get together for a happy ending.

Got it you future screenwriters? Now go out and break these rules because when you've seen all the romantic comedies that I've seen, we need some fresh ones.

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